Biographies of the people in Boswell's life

One of the amazing things about Boswell's journals is the sheer amount of persons that he met and described. Some are still famous, some forgotten and some have never been known to the public outside of their own narrow circles. This is an evolving catalogue of those people. Until now, more than 90% of the persons encountered in Journal of my Jaunt, Boswell's London Journal and Boswell in Holland are included, and work is under way for the journal of his German and Swiss travels.
Robert Dodsley - book seller, author and playwright
Peggy Doig
John Donaldson - painter
Alexander Donaldson
William Douglas - 4th Baronet of Kelhead
John Douglas - 3rd Baronet of Kelhead
Charles Douglas of Breconwhat
William Douglas
Mary Douglas - Mrs. Middlemore
Archibald Douglas
Catherine Douglas - Butter
William Douglas - Old Q - 4th Duke of Queensberry
Archibald James Edward Douglas - heir to Douglas
George Douglas
Charles Douglas - 3rd Duke of Queensberry
Andrew Douglas
Agatha Drummond - Lady Kames
George Drummond of Blair Drummond
John Dun - Minister of Auchinleck
Robert Dundas - 4th Lord Arniston
Henrietta Dundas - Viscountess Duncan
William Eden - 1st Baron Auckland
Archibald Erskine - 7th Earl of Kellie
Henry Erskine - 5th Baronet of Alva
Janet Erskine
James Erskine
Thomas Alexander Erskine - 6th Earl of Kellie
Anne Erskine
Elizabeth Erskine
Frances Erskine
John Erskine of Carnock and Cardross - Professor of Law
Andrew Erskine
Mary Erskine - wife of Alexander Webster
Euphemia Erskine Boswell - Lady Auchinleck
David Erskine - Lord Cardross - Earl of Buchan
John Francis Erskine - 7th Earl of Mar
Hendrik Fagel - Greffier
William Augustus Fawkener
James Ferguson - 3rd Laird of Pitfour
Patrick Ferguson
James Ferguson - Lord Pitfour
Joseph Ferguson - tutor to James Boswell and Vicar of Tundergarth Parish
Jean Baptiste Feronce von Rotencreutz - Minister of Brunswick
William Flexney - publisher
Jan Nicolaas Floris - Count von Nassau-La Lecq
Frances Floyer
George Talbot Hatley Foote
William Forbes - 6th Baronet of Pitsligo
Alexander Fordyce - The Macaroni Gambler
James Fordyce - author of Sermons to Young Women