John Vans Agnew - Laird of Sheuchan

John Vans Agnew

Born 1724
Died 1780


Mr. Agnew of Sheuchan


Of Agnew in the parish of Kirkcowan, Galloway. Son of Patrick Vans of Barquhanny and Barnbarroch (ca. 1694-1733) and Barbara McDowall, dau of Patrick McDowall of Freugh. Married (1747) to Margaret Agnew, dau of Robert Agnew of Sheuchan, and Margaret McDowall. John Vans and his wife were thus first cousins, their mothers being sisters. In 1771 he had built the family's present seat of Barnbarroch. He had at least six children. His oldest son, Robert Vans Agnew (1755-1809), succeeded him as Laird of Barnbarroch and Sheuchan.

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met John Agnew at Kirroughtrie (the Heron estate) on September 29, 1762. He described him as "a genteel, ingenious gentleman".