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Boswell Book Festival 2013 programme

The long awaited programme for the Boswell Book Festival 2013, which will take place May 17-19 in the grounds of Auchinleck House, has been released, and it looks amazing! Editor of the Yale Boswell papers, Gordon Turnbull, will return to Auchinleck, and on Saturday evening brilliant actor John Sessions will perform his brand new play A Life in Music. John will be back on the next day to end the festival with a portrayal of James Boswell himself.

Season's greetings 2012

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all you visitors to a merry christmas and a happy new year.

This past year has been fairly eventful when it comes to James Boswell related events, with the Boswell Book Festival having taken place for the second time in the grounds of Auchinleck House, another volume of the Yale research edition of Boswell papers having been published, and it having been the 250th anniversary of the first entry in Boswell's famous London Journal. 

Third volume of the Yale Research Manuscript edition has been published

The third volume of the annotated Yale edition of the original Life of Johnson manuscript has recently been published and is now available worldwide. The long awaited volume has been edited by Prof. Thomas F. Bonnell who is also already working on the fourth and final volume in that particular sub-series of the Yale research editions.

A visit to 8 Russell Street

I visited London in June 2012 and included 8 Russell Street, Covent Garden in my itinerary. As many visitors to this  web site will know, 8 Russell Street, built in 1759/60, was from the 1760s and until his death occupied by actor and bookseller Thomas Davies who on May 16, 1763 introduced James Boswell and Dr. Johnson to each other for the first time, in those very premises.

It is frequently overlooked that about half a year earlier, the very same shop was also the place of the first meeting between Boswell and poet/playwright Oliver Goldsmith.

Boswell Book Festival 2012

The programme for this years Boswell Book Festival has now been published. The festival will be held on May 11 - 13, 2012, and once again it willl take place mostly on the grounds of Auchinleck House. This year it is being accompanied by a number of satellite events, such as the "Boswell in the Square" fair in Cumnock, special tours of nearby Dumfries House, a lecture by Dr. Gordon Turnbull at the University of the West of Scotland and tastings of Grant's Whiskey.

Commemorative stone unveiled on Boswell's 271th birthday

On October 29, 2011, on the 271th anniversary of James Boswell's birth, a memorial stone in his honour was revealed at Makars' Court in Edinburgh .

The stone, which is sponsored by the Boswell Museum and Mausoleum Trust, bears an inscription from the first entry in Boswell's famous Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763

I rattled down the High Street in high elevation of spirits.
[from Journal, 15 November 1762] 

The inaugural Boswell Book Festival

The Boswell Museum and Mausoleum Trust has announced the inaugural Boswell Book Festival which is to take place on the grounds of Auchinleck House on May 20 - 22, 2011.

The festival will feature talks by internationally reknowned experts in the fields of diary and biography, most notably Dr. Gordon Turnbull, who has been General Editor of the Private Papers of James Boswell at Yale University since 1997.

Among other speakers that has been announced are Diana Athill, OBE and biographer Selina Hastings.


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