Lucyle Werkmeister


Lucyle Thomas Werkmeister and her husband William H. Werkmeister (d. 1994) were associated with the Florida State University for years, and their names live on not just in their numerous philosophical writings, but also at the FSU, to whom Lucyle Werkmeister donated the larger part of her fortune following William Werkmeisters death in 1994. Today there is a philosophy chair named after them at the FSU, a reading room, annual conferences, etc.1

  • 1. A search on Familysearch turned up just one Lucyle Werkmeister, born on January 16, 1908, who died in Florida on March 4, 1999. An interview with Lucyle Werkmeister at the FSU web site also gives 1908 as her year of birth.


In addition to the book dealing specifically with Boswell's relationship with the London Press, in 1963 Lucyle Werkmeister had published The London Daily Press 1772-1792, a thorough 470 pages long study of the London Daily Press in those years. This was followed, in 1967, by the 585 page volume A Newspaper History of England 1792-1793.

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