William Cochrane - Judge Advocate of Scotland

William Cochrane

Born about 1733
Died Jan 20, 1766 in Marseille, France


of Waterside


Son of James Cochrane (d. 1762)1 and Cecilia Oliphant. A second cousin of JB's mother, Euphemia, both being grandchildren of William Cochrane of Ochiltree (d. 1716). Judge Advocate for Scotland (1757-after 1762).2 

  • 1. James Cochrane was Judge-Advocate for Scotland (1748-1757) and was succeeded by his son (i.e. William).
  • 2. Notice of his appointment in Gentleman's Magazine, February, 1757.

Life with Boswell: 

On February 21, 1763 Boswell received an anonymous and rather humorous letter, which turned out to be from Cochrane who visited him in his London lodgings on the next day. When they met on February 27, however, Boswell quickly tired of him, and described him as "affected, vulgar, and snappish". They dined together again on April 21, 1763.