Ralph Carre

Ralph Carre


Son of John Carre of Cavers (1682-1746) and either Margaret Wauchope or Elizabeth Monteith. Brother of George Carre (1708-1766). Uncle of Agatha Drummond, Lady Kames.1

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell met him at Kames on October 17, 1762, describing him as "an uncle of my Lady's (Lady Kames), who has been upwards of twenty years an attorney in London: a round man with a bob-wig and his coat buttoned, of manners plain and somewhat vulgar. I am told he is a very worthy man and very active in business. He is also called sensible, but I thought he spoke too much and too minutely, took too much snuff and raised too often a kind of an ale-house laugh".


Note 1: The Applause of the Jury, 1782-1785, p. 27, tells us that Lady Kames' mother was half-sister to George Carre, Lord Nisbet. From this I infer that Ralph Carre is a brother of George Carre.