Christian Frederick Anthony Bentick

Christian Frederick Anthony Bentick

Born 1734
Died 1768


Heer van Rhoon
Count Bentinck de Varel


Son of Willem Bentinck and Charlotte Sophie von Aldenburg. Married (1760) to Maria Catharina van Tuyll van Serooskerken, daughter of Jan Maximiliaan van Tuyll van Serooskerken and Baroness Ursulina van Reede (1719-1747).

Life with Boswell: 

Boswell supped at Count Bentinck's on May 5, 1764. Boswell in Holland identifies the count as CFA Bentinck. Boswell had apparently met him sometime earlier, and possibly even on April 28 at Willem Bentinck.1 The count had a copy of Boswell and Erskine's Letters between the Hon. Andrew Erskine and James Boswell Esq. in his library. They dined together a few days later, and on June 6, shortly before leaving Utrecht, Boswell received a few letters of recommendation from the Count for his tour of the German courts.

Bentinck later served as an intermediary in the correspondance between Boswell and Belle de Zuylen.

  • 1. The Count Bentinck here mentioned may be identical with the Comte de Rhoon mentioned on April 28, hence the reference to Willem Bentinck. However, Boswell seems to distinguish father and son by referring to the elder as Comte de Rhoon and the young count as Count Bentinck.